Day Five – Jinja

Hello brothers and sisters,

Yesterday we drove from Kyengaza to Jinja about 6 hours journey to visit two young African postulates at a retreat house here (these young men Charles and Andrew will be the futures of the communities here as they study and take responsibilities for communities in Uganda).

It is our emotional break from the children and the jungle communities where we will see the source of the Nile, Lake Victoria, and Bujagali Falls.

In reflection on the last four days assessing the fruits of our efforts and meeting the community leaders where our work is being implemented I have come to the conclusion that our efforts have and continue to provide hope and life to the children and families here and that what we are doing is working on a very real and very human level.


On Sunday we will sit with Father David and develop a strategy to go forward by using a map of the area to establish population and geographical logic for future boreholes and collection systems. We will also develop a job description and needs assessment for the timely implementation and management of the future and current systems.

You are all in my prayers as we travel Uganda and see the goodness you have provided.

May the Peace of the Lord be with your kind and generous spirits. 


Mazungo Steve