Day Four: Peace – Uganda


Day 4 in Uganda: 

We leave in two hours for Jinja where will spend the next two days. A 4 hour journey from Kyengaza. 

Life here is so different. We have seen joy and sorrow, hope and desperation, love and hatred. 

We have been in five schools, over 20 homes (mud huts with two small rooms and mud and cow dung floors to keep down the dust). When father asks how someone is he gets the answers like, fine, he died of aids, she is missing, he was missing for a week and we found out he was kidnapped and killed, he is sick with malaria, etc…..we have been to grave sights and homes for wakes and funerals, we have played soccer with children on huge fields of green weeds that have a slant of over 30 degrees, overlook the jungles on a 360 degree view, and not one level spot and have laughed and giggled with them when any of us fell or missed a pass!


I brought small pieces of candy to share with the children and have walked down a jungle road seeing three children and offering them a treat while they backed away from the “white man” (magungu) and after they had the candy 20 more came running from the jungle. Wine to Water funds and the brothers and sisters it has and does help here is so amazing. Much has been done and there is much to do.

“Love your neighbors as you would have them love you” when I see what we all have accomplished so far I see these words in living form Thank you and bless you if you have helped and if you feel the need to start thank you again.

Peace, Hope, Love,