Day One: Love – Uganda

Greetings from Uganda! 

Spent the first day visiting the children at three of the schools you have given fresh water to and ended the evening with a walk alongside the children going home through the jungle. They each walk 2 to 5 miles each way to school. Father David ended our walk at the first bore hole your efforts provided and we stayed for over an hour watching children from all over the villages come with jerry cans to fill them and carry them home to their families. So beautiful to see them laugh and play while pumping and filling their water carriers, the pumps have become an evening social gathering and a place of great joy.


Day one taught me so much but most of all reminded me that love creates joy and that love is so simple and so incredibly beautiful. It was all over the smiles, faces, and eyes of our little brothers and sisters here. Your efforts are so incredible. One Ugandan man said to me that he would like to make us know that we are so important to them all and that before the water projects came they were all without hope and that we not only provided fresh clean water but also Hope!

May Love fill your heart and may you always have Hope!