the keeping of a promise

To Steve Tomkovicz, it's not about the water. After all, it really wasn't his decision in the first place.

In 2000, business owner Steve Tomkovicz was on the edge of a crisis: his successful industrial supply company was threatening to topple in on itself. In addition to the effect this would have on his own life, Steve was very aware of what this could mean to the families of the people he employed. He knew he had to do something. So he prayed.

"when i was in trouble, i prayed to the lord to to get me out of trouble."

Steve prayed and asked God for help. He told God that he would do anything if only he would get him out of the trouble he was in. Steve knew there was much that had to be done, but wasn't sure that any of the necessary changes would work. So he put it in the hands of the Almighty.

Today, Steve's business is thriving and grows stronger every year. The company has recovered from the crisis it faced in 2000 and for awhile, Steve forgot why.

"it was his decision, wasn't my decision."

It wasn't long after the company began to slowly recover that Steve felt a tap on his shoulder. He was teaching catechism class at his children's Catholic school in Napa Valley when a Ugandan missionary came to visit the kids. The missionary told of the life of his parishioners in Uganda and all that they go without: adequate education, healthcare, water. The kids threw a fundraiser and Steve made a donation. But Steve just couldn't shake the feeling that there was something he was missing.

Then he remembered his promise. He had told God he would do anything, anything, if He would only help him. And He had. Steve began to realize that there was more going on than just a missionary's visit; he was being called upon to fulfill his end of the bargain.

The result of Steve's promise to God is WaterHope. With so many ailments in the world to cure, it is easy to wonder why Steve may have chosen the water crisis. But he didn't; it was chosen for him. What's more, it isn't the water that Steve is most concerned about providing. It's the hope.

"that's what this is supposed to do. this is supposed to show us
that we're brothers and sisters and that we love each other."

As the years pass, WaterHope grows in its ability to provide the means to fresh water for countless people. But for Steve, the beneficiaries of the foundation aren't just those who receive water; they are also the people who give their time and talents to keep WaterHope running. WaterHope is a way for people to become involved in a cause greater than themselves while coming closer to understanding what it means to give unconditional love. Steve's ultimate objective in keeping WaterHope alive is to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and use the teachings of Jesus Christ in a real, tangible way. He wants to provide those in impoverished countries with life-giving water; he wants to provide those with impoverished hearts unfaltering hope.

WaterHope does not choose its partners or beneficiaries based on religious affiliation or lack thereof. However, the organization was born of one man's belief in a power greater than himself and a commitment to fulfilling a promise to his God. Steve will always remember how the Lord saved him, and will continue to honor Him through WaterHope's work.