Shigala, China – Day Two

Day Two in Tibet 
Brothers and Sisters, 

Today we worked all day at the children school and home. They are beautiful and so grateful for all of your gifts.This place is tough but not nearly as tough as Uganda. The peaceful demeanor of the monks and the local people makes us feel secure in our mission and safe during our days and nights.


Some interesting local customs: Tons of dogs of all personalities, from nice to crazy mean Kujo! All run wild and the monks believe that they are reincarnate BAD monks! So they feed them but they don’t really like them! 
The restrooms are whole in the floors of a concrete floor with no removal of waste so needless to say the odor is a bit challenging. We all define success differently at different times in our lives, right now if we make it through a bathroom visit it is a huge success. Yesterday one of the guys on our team went to the bathroom and as he squatted a monk squatted next to him and got on his cell phone!


The monks drive motorcycles and watch a Chinese Soap Opera every night at 9 where the same things happen each night! Ah satellite TV.

Well enough for today. Most of the system is in place but I will describe that when it is done and all working!

On a really bright note I got up last night at 3 am and took a short stroll to clear my head and as I walked the road the stream sounded like a beautiful song and the valley below gave way to the canvas above where I stared at the Big Dipper in front of me larger than you could image, the Milky Way straight above me with Caseo Pea at her heart, and more brilliant stars and planets than I can ever remember seeing in one place. I went to clear my head and God gave me a song and a painting to help me.

May the Lord give you peace as you practice His Loving Ways.

Peace from Sechen Tibet,