The water crisis is quickly becoming the predominant cause of death on Earth; an unfortunate dark horse of the world’s problems. Over 3.5 million people die each year from preventable water-related disease and it is estimated that 135 million will die by 2020. The millions of people that go daily without life-giving clean water do not do so because there is not enough water to go around. Instead, they suffer because a lack of access to clean water that is, more often than not, right within their reach.

WaterHope funds projects that are sustainable, effective and culturally appropriate. Because many villagers must travel as far as six miles daily to fetch water- often contaminated, disease-ridden water- time that can be spent on education, community involvement and work is lost. WaterHope’s aim is to give this time, as well as unfaltering hope, back to our world community.

WaterHope is passionate about being a part of the solution to this increasing emergency. Our projects are chosen on the basis of sustainability and need, and we’re just getting started. To learn more about the work we do and where we do it, click a location on the map above.