Sechen, China – Day Four

Day 4
What do you call 10 Americans insulating walls, installing windows, repairing tables and chairs, remodeling the kitchen, installing a purification system for their drinking and washing water, demanding that they clean up their rooms and grounds, and then handing out toys to every one of the 160 of them individually followed by throwing out 10 new soccer and 10 new basketballs?
LoveWhat do you call the 160 children that will no longer live in 40 below rooms during the winter, and will stop having stomach problems daily?

Highlights of the day:95% of the work is done

We had a great celebration lunch prepared by students and cooks and ate together in a 180 person circle by the stream

The kids have never seen hair on arms so I got to see what a dog feels like when we pet them……

We all got to put a work of our own on the dining room mural to leave a piece of us behind

I got to play for two hours with 160 kids…what a blast
I got to teach 10 young boys how to dribble, pass, receive, and the triple threat position in basketball even though they understand and speak no English and I understand and speak nothing that they could understand. They got it and we played until the oxygen (or I should say lack of) asked me to quit.

We did not eat the local food tonight….peppers and yak, bok choy and yak, ginseng and yak, yak butter, yak yogurt, carrots and yak, cucumbers and peppers, etc….

We made a fusilli pasta with a pepper marinara sauce, and fresh shredded Parmesan, with 1/10th of a bottle of red wine each

We miss the boys and Samantha and all of you and finish our last few projects tomorrow. Sunday we start the 3 days back to Hong Kong.

Love is a beautiful thing. Make sure you do something today to leave a little of the love you have inside with someone else.

Do unto others………………..

May His Peace be yours, Steven