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No Job Too Small

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was a source of devastation and peril for many. The coastlines of numerous countries were ravished and recovery in some of the most affected places is still far from complete. In the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, an already impoverished area was brought to its knees: over 500 miles of coastline were hit and more lives were lost than in any other region of India. There was nowhere to go but hope.

At about the same time, fledgling organization Little Flock Children’s Homes, Inc. was looking for a place to begin. Out of the rubble arose an opportunity, and the highly impacted region of Tamil Nadu became their first project site. With eight acres of purchased land, immeasurable hope, and a force comparable to that of the wave, Little Flock was able to build a home where only emptiness was before. In the years since its founding Little Flock has created a veritable village dedicated to the needs of the orphans and widows of Tamil Nadu communities. It is there that destitute children can find a home as well as receive the support and nurture necessary to pursue a successful education. What’s more, local widows have the opportunity to learn trade skills and participate in the care and upbringing of the children. Through dedicated campaigning, Little Flock has been able to raise funds for the planting of a fruit and vegetable garden and buildings for dairy cows, goats and chickens. When they came to WaterHope for help, they were well on their way to sustainability. There was just a little work left to do.

construction and farming needs demanded the installation of an open pit well and while the water produced was fit for irrigation and livestock, the quality was far below that necessary for human consumption. In 2009 WaterHope provided the residents of Little Flock with a purification unit and now the water quality has risen from poor to potable.

Although one of WaterHope’s smallest projects in scope, the effects are not to be underestimated. The residents of Little Flock, including 48 orphans, are now able to enjoy clean drinking water. As a result less school days are missed and the cost of health care diminishes. What’s more, when health care providers are visiting the clinic, the improved sanitation due to the clean water supply allows them to render the highest quality care possible.

Little Flock Children’s Home sits atop what was once the site of unspeakable devastation. In a place where water once took everything away, we are proud to have been a part in rebuilding hope.